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Audiovisual (Re)Sources

On this page:

At the Beyond the PDF 2 conference in Amsterdam, we gathered around in a lunch session about audiovisual sources in online academic publishing. What are the best practices that currently exist? What tools are in use or should be developed? What needs can be explored? This wiki-page explores these topics by offering an overview of the questions that come up when talking about AV media in scholarly publications and showcasing some of the solutions that currently exist.

Existing tools and resources should be added to the Tools and Resources page.

  1. Accessibility of media (User Design)

    • Designing for users

    • Reading and watching

    • Low bandwidth and older platforms

  2. Creating media (Out of Media)

    • Observing experiments

    • Explaining (and selling?) the research

    • Submission & review for video – what’s the quality?

    • Manuals & help

  3. Handling meda (Into media)

    • Web standards, open standards

    • Media formats: video, audio, 3D models, Google Buildings, 4K Microscope recordings

    • Data citation, referencing media

    • Existing solutions in CMS’es and platforms