The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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FORCE11 is a hub, a central place, a vibrant community of individuals participating in discussions and groups surrounding the future of research communications and e-scholarship. There are many ways to participate as well and to keep up with community activities.


Community Wide Blogs – All registered users with valid RSS feeds can add their blog sites to the FORCE11 community. Add blog site here.

FORCE11 Member Blogs – All registered users get their own blogs. See Member Blog Instructions.

Blog Page Link to FORCE11 – If you have a blog post you would like to share with this community, use the form and select "Blog Post" from the drop down menu and complete the form.

FORCE11 Google Discussion Forums

FORCE11 Community Discussions (FoRC)- A Google discussion forum for FORCE11 community members and nonmembers.

Beyond the PDF Community Discussions – This discussion group was started during the first Beyond the PDF conference in 2011 and accasional discussions continue.