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Conference Committees

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General Committee Structure

The FORCE11 Conference includes two main committees:

  • FORCE2022 Conference Organizing Committee: includes 2 Co-Chairs and multiple community members. If neither one of the co-chairs is a FORCE11 BOD member, 1 BOD member will be included in the committee to serve as a board liaison.
  • FORCE11 Conferences Advisory Committee: includes 1 Chair, 1 Vice Chair, 1 BOD liaison and multiple community members.

Purpose/Goals of the Committee

The conference committee aims to organize FORCE11 annual conferences (whether in-person, online or hybrid).

Committee Scope/Description

The FORCE2022 Conference Organizing Committee will organize the FORCE2022 Conference to be held online on December 6-8, 2022. The FORCE11 Conferences Advisory Committee will parallely initiate conversations around the performance, the future and the sustainability of FORCE11 conferences.

Activities of the Committee

FORCE2022 Conference Organizing Committee:

  • Select conference theme and dates.
  • Create structure for conference session formats and schedule.
  • Open call for proposals.
  • Review and accept submitted proposals.
  • Invite speakers and keynote speakers.
  • Organize special-format sessions (if any).
  • Help with technical and logistical matters during the days of the conference (if needed).

FORCE11 Conferences advisory Committee:

  • Develop strategies for conference chairs’ recruitment and selection.
  • Advice on ways to enhance the conference community engagement.
  • Help develop strategies to enhance the conference financial sustainability. 
  • Advice on the nature of future FORCE11 conferences (whether to be held in-person, online or hybrid).

Roles & desired skills

FORCE2022 Conference Organizing Committee members are expected to have experience in conference organizing and the use of collaborative documents such as Google docs. They are also expected to have good teamwork skills and a fair understanding of written and spoken English language. Furthermore, an experience in organizing prior FORCE11 conferences is expected from the FORCE11 Conferences Advisory Committee members.

Members of the Committee 


Past conference committees:

Committee Member Commitment

The FORCE11 conference organizing committee members’ term of service on the committee is one year (until the end of the conference evaluation). Committee members commit to participating in the committee activities and to attending bi-weekly committee calls. The frequency of the committee calls might increase as the conference dates approach. 

The FORCE11 conference advisory committee members’ term of service on the committee is two years (with an option to extend). Committee members commit to participating in the committee activities and to attending bi-monthly committee calls.

All FORCE11 Conference Committee members are expected to adhere to FORCE11’s Code of Conduct.


  • Bi-weekly 1 hour organizing committee meetings.
      • Bi-monthly 1 hour advisory committee meetings on <TBD> ending in June 2024.
      • FORCE2022 Conference on April 18-20, 2023.

      How to Join the Committee

      FORCE11 Conference Committees have enrollment time frames. If you’re interested in joining one of these committees, please submit a request to join and we will get back to you when spaces are open.

      Committee Information