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Contributing to Posts and Events

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Workflow Moderation and Review

All contributions to the website go into a moderated workflow for publishing. 

Once your contribution has been submitted and its status changed from Draft to Pending you will receive an email from the FORCE11 Web Team –

If you have any questions please drop us a line via email contact us on Slack in the #website channel.

What can I post on the FORCE11 website?

If you are a member of FORCE11 you can contribute to the Posts and Events area  of the website.

To become a member sign up here. Membership is free.


What kind of content do the Post and Events site areas carry?

  • Posts: Here you can contribute blogs, news, and announcements.
  • Event: This is an area for news and announcement from the wider scholarly communications community.

How does FORCE11’s moderated workflow function?

The moderated workflow is in place on the website to prevent site spamming and to assist contributors with their posts.

  1. Spam moderation: For your first post to the site a moderator will have to approve the post before it can be published and add a featured image. After your first successful post you are free to publish directly to the site without spam moderation.
  2. Review workflow: FORCE11 Web Team has a lot of new features to enhance your post presentation: image galleries, media embeds, etc., a library of graphics that can be used, tagging and metadata features, as well as scheduling. All posts will go into a simple publishing workflow with the web team supporting your post.

Workflow quick start guide

Submitting your contribution

  1. Login or join FORCE11 as a member.
  2. Create your Post or Event by navigating to the Dashboard via menu top left: FORCE11 > Dashboard. In the Dashboard you can can add Posts and Events, as well as list your content and edit any of your content.
Force dashboard
add posts
  1. When your ready to submit the post to the workflow for moderation click ‘Workflow’ top right
Workflwo button
  1. Then click the ‘Submit for Review’ button
Submit for review
  1. Your contribution status will now be marked as ‘Pending’.
Pening status

Once your contribution status is ‘Pending’ a reviewer from the FORCE11 Web Team will contact you via email and support you through the rest of the steps. The email will be from

If you have any questions please drop us a line via email contact us on Slack in the #website channel.

Moderation and review steps: What’s involved?

Outside of the basic spam moderation the review workflow process has the following steps.

  1. Reviewers will assist with the following:
    1. If needed, provide brief editorial feedback and support on corrections, etc.
    2. Add enhanced presentation features: galleries, media embeds, etc. The site uses the WordPress Gutenberg editor and Publish Press additions to Gutenberg which has a host of features. See here for a list of examples 
      1. Gutenberg Blocks
      2. Publish Press Blocks
    3. Generating ‘featured image’ content. FORCE11 has a number of library house styles as well as a list of open licensed content sources that can be pulled on.
      1. See templates – the library of styles can be used to generate a #hashtag image for example, or colourize a photo.
      2. See image sources (open) – these open sources can be used directly or enhanced using our template library.
    4. Embed other image and media
    5. Assist with title, and introductions if requested.
    6. Ensure SEO considerations addressed: tags, image alt tags, meta descriptions, social media cards, etc.