The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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Session:  Demos & Dinner at Beyond the PDF 2

Time:  Tuesday Evening from 18:00 – 21:00

Description:  Have dinner and see the newest tech and ideas for changing scholarly communication with over 40 demonstrations and posters. Listed below


First Name Last Name Demo Title
Euan Adie Collecting the conversations around scholarly articles
Anita Bandrowski The Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF): A Unified Semantic Framework and Portal for Discovery and Integration of Biomedical Data and Resources on the Web
Leen Breure Xpos're: Tools for Authoring Enhanced Publications
Gully Burns Triage & Skimming: Accelerating the process of reading
Goble Carole Spreadsheets for Research! RightField Rocks.
Fernando Chirigati ReproZip: Packing Experiments for Sharing and Publication
Paolo Ciccarese Domeo: Pervasive, Transferable Annotation for Science Content on the Web
Alexandru Constantin PDFX: Fully Automated PDF-to-XML Conversion of Scientific Text
Daniel Garijo Quantifying Reproducibility in Computational Biology: The Case of the Tuberculosis Drugome
Aleix Garrido Keeping scholarly materials alive and reusable by detecting decay and supporting collaboration
Lisa Girard StemBook, a Resource For Stem Cell Researchers and Extensible Platform For Biomedical Web Communities
Andrew Grimes Liberate your content
Stian Håklev researchr – an open scholarly workflow
Egbert Heuvelman Collaborative authoring with Author-e
Jee-Hyub Kim Data citation in full-text articles from Europe PubMed Central
Hylke Koers The Article of the Future
Georgios Kontonatsios Cross-Platform interoperability of text mining resources.
Lukas Koster Recommendations for embedding linked open data features into publications
Tobias Kuhn nanobrowser
Carl Leubsdorf Introducing Textorum, a validating, WYSIWYG XML content entry and editing component for Annotum and general use
Danius Michaelides Interactive documents in the StatJR software package.
Peter Murray-Rust AMI2 automatic conversion of PDF to SVG and domain semantics
Jason Priem ImpactStory: Helping researchers tell the full story of their researcher impact.
Marco Roos Creating and curating Research Objects using myExperiment, DLibra and tools from the workflow forever project.
Oleg Ruchayskiy ScienceWISE : Web-based Interactive Semantic Environment for Knowledge workers
Carly Strasser DataUp: Helping manage and archive data within the researcher’s workflow
René Hoffmann Visgree – visual agreement to revive scholarly debate


First Name Last Name Poster Title
Lukasz Bolikowski Role of human researchers in machine-based research communication
Christian Bölling Structured representation of scientific evidence for published claims using semantic web techniques
David De Roure Information Circuits
Richard Padley A simple, cheap way to link diverse content together across multiple platforms
Andrea Scharnhorst Knowledge maps for navigation in complex information spaces – KnowEscape
Yi Hong Sim A Citizen-Scholar in Every “Chatroom”