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FORCE11 is a movement to change the future of e-scholarship.  We are a neutral open information community and do not endorse or seek to block any relevant work.  Use the site to gather together and tell us what FORCE11 can do for you by participating in the Discussions Page.

DataCitation Workgroup

A Force 11 working group representing over 25 organizations working together to produce a consolidated set of data citation principles in order to encourage broad adoption of a consistent policy for data citation across disciplines and venues.  

Coming Soon….

A FORCE 11 CATALOG for members to add tools and resources live in Sept.


Force 11 has added space on the website for working groups to collaborate on projects. If you wish to start a working group fill out an application here or contact for setup assistance.



Thanks to the Website Upgrade Team. Eugenio Battaglia, University of Turin; Scott Blair, Calit2; Jonathan Cachat, UCSD; Maryann Martone, UCSD; Willy Suwanto, UCSD; Stephanie Hagstrom, UCSD; and Andrew Varnell, NeuroCloud.


Anita DeWaard @ Scholarly Kitchen Podcast on the Semantic Web, Data and Discovery.


Carol Goble @ ISMB/ECCB keynote speaker keynote on Reproducibility at ISMB/ECCB 2013 and cartoon summary here:


FORCE2023 Sponsors

The FORCE11 community thanks the following organizations for their financial support of the
FORCE2023 annual conference. 

FORCE2023 Conference
APRIL 18-20 (Online)

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