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Fundraising Committee

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General Committee Structure

The FORCE11 committee comprises 1 Chair, 1 Vice-chair, and community members. If neither chair or vice-chair is a FORCE11 BOD member, 1 BOD member will be included in the committee to serve as a board liaison.

Purpose/Goals of the Committee 

Oversee and implement fundraising strategies for FORCE11, FORCE Conference and FSCI.  

Implement fundraising strategy put forth by Sustainability Committee. Implement and manage sponsorship programs for the FORCE11 Conference and FSCI.  

Committee Scope/Description 

The FORCE11 Fundraising Committee will function as a group to assess and oversee efforts to raise funds towards goals that are determined in conjunction with the FORCE11 strategic oversight group and Board of Directors. This committee will support grant efforts but will not be solely responsible for completion and submission of grant applications and/or follow-up reporting.

Activities of the Committee

Assess Grant Opportunities for FORCE11 as an organization

  • Monitor and Assess grant opportunities from funders and/or other philanthropic or charitable organizations; 
  • Maintain spreadsheet of opportunities and leads;
  • Undertake, or delegate to appropriate FORCE11 members, grant applications as and when there are relevant opportunities;
  • Provide support for any other FORCE11 members who wish to apply for grants in collaboration with, or under the auspices of, FORCE11.
  • Liaise with the Board of Directors re opportunities as they arise and when they are being applied for.

Provide Support for Individual Projects

  • Assess opportunities for sponsorship or applications to fund specific individual projects and/or initiatives e.g. Upstream, Individual Seminar Series, Pump-priming funding to kick-start initiatives (could be linked with conference etc.)
  • Identify persons involved with those initiatives to discuss/consider opportunities
  • Ensure Board of Directors is apprised of any such opportunities and/or applications

Secure Financial Support for FORCE11 Annual Conference and FSCI 

  • Attendance fee – If an attendance fee is to be charged or not, ensure this is decided upon (in agreement with fiscal goals for the year and the conference program and committee) agreed with the Board of Directors and that it is included within the sign up for the conference and/or FSCI.
  • Liaise with FORCE11 Conference and FSCI Committees to set the sponsorship opportunities for the conference (e.g. Platinum/Gold/Silver, $ amounts & what each level will provide for the sponsor) and FSCI (scholarships etc). 
  • Liaise with the Communications committee to highlight sponsorship opportunities to the community.
  • Sponsorships 
    1. Maintain spreadsheet of leads to approach for Sponsorship
    2. Contact and follow-up with leads with the information about conference sponsorship opportunities
    3. Monitor receipt of payment
    4. Liaise with website committee to ensure logos added to website
    5. Liaise with FORCE11 Conference, FSCI, and Communications committees to ensure other promised visibility of logos is achieved before and during the conference 
  • Grants
    1. Store previous grant applications with details/budget and other docs
    2. Maintain spreadsheet of leads for grants
    3. Contact leads for grant opportunities
    4. Write and Oversee grant applications with support from relevant FORCE11 committees and FORCE11 Executive Committee
    5. Undertake any follow-ups for the applications as necessary
    6. Ensure grant money received for any successful applications

Other Events

  • If other FORCE11 related events are being organized, serve as a point of contact for the organizers to discuss sponsorship opportunities and how best to approach potential sponsors.

Roles & desired skills

Ideally, FORCE11 Committee members might have some experience with fundraising and or connections and suggestions for leads to approach for support. They should have some knowledge of collaborative documents such as Google docs and spreadsheets. They are also expected to have good teamwork skills and a fair understanding of written and spoken English language. 

Members of the Committee – 

Committee Member Commitment

The FORCE11 Fundraising committee members’ term of service on the committee is two years but can be terminated earlier if necessary and will include an option to extend. Committee members commit to participating in the committee activities and to attending occasional committee calls. The frequency of the committee calls will vary in association with the dates of FORCE11 events. 

All FORCE11 Fundraising Committee members are expected to adhere to FORCE11’s Code of Conduct.  


Monthly 1 hour committee meetings on <TBD>.

How to Join the Committee

The FORCE11 Fundraising Committee has an enrollment time frame. If you’re interested in joining the fundraising committee, please submit a request to join and we will get back to you.