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  1. Add a blog feed to FORCE11:  All registered users with valid RSS feeds can add and administer the aggregator at .  If only some of the blog posts are relevant, please indicate them with the tag:  FORCE11
  2. Write a blog for FORCE11:  All registered users get their own blogs.  So you are welcome to blog away! To access your blog, go to your user page by clicking on your name in the Members panel.  You should see "View recent blogs" under the history section.  Click on the link, and select "Post new blog".  Then blog away.  I have to confess that Drupal doesn't make this as easy as it could.  We have implemented a simpler editor, but it's still a work in progress.  When the "Filtered html" setting is selected, the WYSIWYG editor will be invoked.  But if you are comfortable working in html, you can select "full html" and work in that mode. 
  3. Add Events and other content to FORCE11:  If you'd like to help add Events and articles to FORCE11, go to and select the appropriate type of content, e.g., Event, Article, Biblio.  All types are not yet implemented, so just let us know if you'd like to see another module enabled.
  4. Announcements: I just switched over our announcements list from Drupal to our Twitter feed.  #force11rescomm.
  5. Add/search for relevant tools and resources:  FORCE11 maintains a Tool registry via the Neuroscience Information Framework Resource Registry.  You can add a new tool by going to the Neurolex home page, and entering a tool via the "Create a resource" box.  You can search for tools via the search function embedded in the Tools and Resources section.  For convenience, we also maintain a list in the portal.