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Making It Happen

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Session:  Making It Happen

Organizers:  Eduard Hovy and Maryann Martone

Time:  Wednesday, March 20th, 10:30 am

Break out groups will continue through lunch

Description:  Recommendations for action?  FORCE11 is designed to serve as a focal point for the larger community interested in accelerating the pace of innovation in scholarly communications. We recognize that there have been many approaches proposed and tools built. Where are they now? Is the community coalescing around a subset of them? Are some of proven value but need broader dissemination? Can we imagine a larger architecture in which these can exist side by side and interoperate? "Making it happen" addresses a specific call to action by meeting attendees. This session will feature three framing talks around software, usability and data, and selected flash talks about technologies/tools/frameworks/standards/containers that need support or acceptance from scholars in some way to move them to the next level. After a discussion, the results of this session will be used to help shape the definition of the next generation FORCE11 platform, currently a community forum and a listing of software tools, that can continue to help accelerate the pace of change through dissemination, community adoption, match making, common API’s, a software repository, for example. Additional technical discussions will be held over lunch immediately following the session.


Flash Talks


Presenter Organization Title
Micah Altman   Developing a Taxonomy of Contributorship Roles
Anita de Waard Elsevier Small Data, or: Bridging the Gap Between Smart and Dumb Research Repositories
Scott Edmunds GigaScience Rewarding Reproducibility and Method Publishing the GigaScience Way
Melissa Haendel Oregon State Health Sciences University On the reproducibility of science
Alex Garnett Simon Fraser University / Stanford MediaX PKP Presents: Finally, A Completely Automated XML Publication Pipeline
Tobias Kuhn ETH Zurich Hash-URIs for Verifiable and Immutable Scientific Contributions
Ross Mounce University of Bath Simple additions to PDF metadata
Phillipe Rocca Serra Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford The rising of community-driven, metadata-focussed efforts: too many, too little or on track?
Andrew Grimes Semantico ORCID as a short cut to personalisation
Gully Burns USC-ISI Triage & Skimming: Accelerating the process of reading