The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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New models for content creation: text, data and multimedia

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Session:  New models for content creation:  text, data and multimedia

Session Organizer:  Tim Clark

Time:  Tuesday, March 19th, 11:15-13:00

Description:  The scholarly communications ecosystem relies on the Web, but is it sufficiently optimized for the Web?  Many of our colleagues believe it is not, and are attempting to fill vacant "ecological niches" with new models of content creation and aggregation. Some of these are in place already, some exist in a "gray literature" zone not officially recognized in the peer-review community, and some are simply interesting proposals.  The purpose of this session is to explore some of these models and provoke discussion and sharing of ideas.


Nathan Jenkins Dept. of Physics, New York University Introducing Authorea, an online collaborative platform for creating and sharing dynamic articles that are built for the modern web
Mercé Crosas Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences, Harvard University Data Citation Principles and Applications Using Dataverse
Amalia Levi College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

Big, small, and really small data: Social media output as primary sources in  historical research

Joost Kircz KRA Publishing Research The practice of scientific reading
Lisa Girard Harvard Stem Cell Institute StemBook, a Resource For Stem Cell Researchers and Extensible Platform For Biomedical Web Communities
Paolo Ciccarese Dept. of Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital The W3C Open Annotation Model: Interoperability for Scholarly Annotation