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FORCE11 is a unique community of practice that focuses on improving research communication. Our membership is a unique combination of influencers from across disciplines and sectors. We provide one of the few neutral forums where all these people can meet to change the way scholarship is done. FORCE 11 not only hosts an inspring yearly conference but has driven important community actions such as the Data Citation Principles and Resource Identification Initiative

Sustaining Membership (SIGN UP FORM)

FORCE11 is a light weight non-profit organization that runs on the support of the community. A key mechanim of support is through our Sustaining Membership program. Sustaining members are typically instituions and organizations. These members are central not only to support the operations of FORCE11 but also to help ensure that the organization has the support of all stakeholders. 

  • Your logo on the front page of the website
    • ~5000 hits a month (non-conference period)
  • Your logo and acknowledgement at our annual FORCE Conference.
    • > 114,000 twitter accounts reached
    • 200 attendees from across the ecoystem 
  • 2 free registrations to the annual FORCE conference
  • Acknowledgement in our regular newletters to the 1000+ FORCE11 membership
  • Bi-annual Sustaining Members meetings where you get to meet the FORCE 11 board and other sustaining members.

Sustaining memberships are typically $5,000 per year. Please contact us for more information.

Or sign up on this FORM HERE and we will contact you.  

Individual Support

By joining you will have a chance to meet like-minded people, learn about interesting new development, and make your ideas felt!  Specifically, 

  • Latest news and events in the area of scholarly communication
  • The opportunity to participate in community groups and forums
  • The Force 11 Resource and Tool Catalog is a dynamic inventory of web-based scholarly resources 
  • You're welcome to attend the FORCE 11 conference.
Membership is free!

Individuals support FORCE11 through participation in various activities (e.g. working groups), conferences, and telling people about FORCE11. We also encourage direct donations