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The Business Case

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Session:  The Business Case

Session Organizers:  Cameron Neylon and Anita de Waard

Time:  Tuesday, March 19th 16:00-17:30

Description:  This session will get down to the real issues of money, where it can and should come from, where it will need to go (and how much), with a focus on how to make a credible case for new systems and tools, and changes to existing ones. The session will include discussion of business models to support data publication, and technical development, as well as how non-cash contributions are both recognized and rewarded. The question of mechanisms for shared resources and development and the tension with the value of competition will also be addressed.

The session is organized as a dual panel:  Representatives and Stakeholders.  The Representatives will feature 3 individuals representing different business models.   The  stakeholders will provide probing questions to address the issue:  "How do your plans to deliver a sustainable footing affect my interest?"  The session will also feature a general discussion from the audience.

Business Model Representatives

Wim van der Stelt
Dan O'Donnell,
Mark Hahnel

David Prosser
Eve Gray
Dave de Roure

Video of the panel