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Upstream Committee

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General Committee Structure

The Upstream Committee is led by Team Upstream, a group of FORCE11 community members including a Chair and Technical Lead.

Purpose of the Committee 

Team Upstream is responsible for the technical platform and editorial calendar. The role of the group is to ensure Upstream blog posts follow our guidelines: 

  • Stay on topic – open research, choosing one of the four categories
  • Original content only
  • No rants or advertorials (product reviews/demos)
  • Be respectful and courteous – no personal attacks
  • Abide by FORCE11’s Code of Conduct

Committee Description

Upstream is a space for open enthusiasts to discuss open approaches to scholarly communication.  Supported by FORCE11—though not a channel for FORCE11 organizational news—it is a global and inclusive blog and discussion space, bringing together original content and diverse perspectives from all corners of scholarly communications from institutions to libraries to researchers to publishers to funders and policy-makers. 

Contributions are open to all and some are invited from individuals. Our community guidelines are outlined at  

To ensure Upstream remains aligned with the mission of the FORCE11, the blog will be managed by Team Upstream.

Activities of the Committee

Roles & desired skills

  • Copy editing skills
  • Experience with editorial policies and ethical concerns surrounding academic writing and commentary
  • Experience with hosting and administering Ghost blog platform
  • Commitment to openness and an Interest in FORCE11 community values and goals

Members of the Committee  

The blog is managed by Team Upstream.

Committee Member Commitment

Committee members commit to conference calls 3-4 times a month with additional support needed for supporting the editorial calendar.  


Upstream aims to post unique content once a week on Tuesday.  As the content calendar ebbs and flows, this will change.  Team Upstream meets regularly to discuss upcoming posts and ongoing maintenance issues.  

How to Join the Committee

Committee is appointed. If interested in serving, contact for more information on joining this committee.

Committee Information


Hashtag: #UpstreamBlog 

Twitter: @UpstreamBlog