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Website Committee

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Committee Scope/Description

The FORCE11 website committee is responsible for the digital strategy and devops of the website, its day-to-day running, supporting required infrastructure, as well as supporting the FORCE11 organization and members in using the website.

The mission of the web team is to bring modern web development processes to the site, which involves: maintaining a digital strategy; using UX/UI design methods; supporting a DevOps infrastructure; implementing open science practices on the site; using modern graphic design tools and libraries; and helping users with support and documentation.

The web team faces a number of exciting open-source development challenges such as working group management and membership management systems both of which are undersupported in major php or Jamstack CMSs.

The web team welcomes membership, cooperation, and knowledge sharing from the scholarly communications community. If you would like to hone your skills or learn more about modern web dev, technical writing, and help support schol-comms with open-source contributions please get in touch. 

General Committee Structure

The Website Committee members include 1 Chair and 1 Vice Chair – 1 of which from the Board. 5 liaisons from the FSCI, FORCE11 Conference, Comms, Groups (Community Engagement), and Membership (Community Engagement) Committees.

Purpose/Goals of the Committee 

Current priorities

Post-launch of Drupal to WordPress migration (Jan 2022):

  • website basic workflows bedding in and accompanying documentation (membership, content, support, and groups);
  • support and increase a content flow on the site;
  • security and disaster recovery;
  • Working Group software overhaul, and;
  • membership management (CRM) roll out. 

Goals and responsibilities / activities

Goals: Fully implement UX design processes on site to support FORCE11 activities; raise funds to implement open-source working groups, and membership management.

Responsibilities: Division of responsibilities – web team covers DevOps and supports Communications Committee and FORCE11 with content provision; provides web design and graphics libraries and know-how; maintaining a Digital Strategy; security; support, training, and documentation, and; policies; and Infrastructure. 

Financial sustainability

Reducing unnecessary costs; Maintain annual budget; Raise funds for maintenance and software development.

Activities of the Committee

  • Ongoing maintenance of WordPress website
  • Ongoing maintenance of hosting, email, and archive infrastructure
  • Support other areas of FORCE11: FSCI, Conference, Comms, Membership, Groups
  • Support community and users answering tickets, making fixes
  • Maintain the Website Digital Strategy
  • Develop and engage UX, Personas, and adoption to User Centered Design processes
  • Create modern graphic libraries and assets for FORCE Committees to use
  • Design, customize, and develop software as needed: Groups, Membership, Workflows, analytics, etc.

Join the Committee

We are looking for volunteer contribution in the following areas and can offer skill sharing and the ability to contribute to high quality deliverables in open-source software, strategy development, web design and campaigns, as web editors, and in project DevOps and management. We work in the following areas:

  •  UX and Design Thinking
  •  Web design and graphic design
  •  Web editorial and editors
  •  Open source software development and DevOps, and
  •  Wordpress and system admin

Committee Member Responsibilities/Commitments

The term of service on the committee is two years, with an option to extend once. Committee members commit to participating in regular conference calls, approximately once a month of the weekly slots taking place.  

Request to join the committee

Committee Information


Weekly one hour meetings every Wednesday 11:30-12:30 UTC, with async log, tickets and Slack for those whose time zone doesn’t suit the meeting slot.

Members of the Committee