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EG3 DCIP: Publisher Early Adopters

    Workshop – July 22, 2016 – London


    This Experts Group consists of members of the publishing community who are organizationally committed to early adoption of data citation based on the JDDCP. As part of the group, members will share ideas, solutions, and challenges around data citation implementation at their organization.


    • Our primary goal is to lay out a Publishers' Data Citation Roadmap to aid in implementation of data citation in articles and books.
    • As part of this goal, we aim to bring together publishers planning to implement data citation to provide mutual support and to share information.
    • In addition to a Publishers' Data Citation Roadmap, we also aim to identify any FAQs  around data citation, contributing to the FAQs subgroup, and to identify additional publisher needs for the JATS subgroup


    Publishers' Data Citation Roadmap, now available in biorXiv

    First set of publisher's FAQs  around data citation released

    Deliverables and Timeline

    • Main deliverable: Publishers' Data Citation Roadmap.
    • The group will meet biweekly via teleconference (5 meetings in total) starting May 9 and will conclude in August.
    • Final deliverables timeline to be determined by working group.


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