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Thinking/Acting: The Global and the Local

FORCE11 annual conference: 18–20 April (Online)

Watch FORCE2023 Conference Sessions

Modified: Thu, 27 Jul 2023 19:46:14 +0000
Published: 27 Jul 2023

FORCE2023 was held online April 18-20, 2023. You can catch up on the videos from keynotes, presentations, and lightning talks here. The videos are available on FORCE11’s YouTube channel — if you like the videos, please subscribe to our channel.

FORCE2023 is a FORCE11 Annual Conference event. To find out about future conferences or look over the conference archive, visit the conference organization homepage.

Conference Opening & Keynote 1: When Institutions Fail, Communities Get Busy

Presentations 1: Supporting Bibliodiversity in Open Access Book Publishing – The Open Book Collective; Sponsored Data Mobilization to Increase Quantity, Openness, and Accessibility of Public Health Data

Panel 1: Implementing FAIR Workflows – Bringing Researchers and Solutions Together

Keynote 2: Preprints for Whom? How Preprints Allow Research Communities to Chart Their Own Path in Science Communication

Presentations 2: A Systematized Review of Open Access Mandate Research; Bringing Transparency and Openness to Sharing Grant Proposals

Lightning Talks 1

Presentations 3: Documentation and Localisation for Research Equity; COVID-19 and the Future of Accountancy in Digital Perspectives

Lightning Talks 2

Lightning Talks 3

Panel 2: Breaking Down the Barriers to Global Engagement – Some Lessons Learned

Presentations 4: The COAR Notify Initiative – Transforming Scholarly Communication One Preprint/Peer Review Link at a Time; Re-engineering the Global Scholarly Communication System – A Triad Perspective

Keynote 3: Open Science Policies – The Art of Balancing Dreams and Reality

Presentations 5: Increase Reliability of Science with Open, Dynamic, and Live Methods in Scholarly Communication; Looking Ahead: A Global Corpus for All Data Citations

Presentation 6: About FORCE11

Lightning Talks 4

Keynote 4: Open Knowledge Network and Open Science

Panel 3: Facilitating an Open Research Ecosystem; Closing Remarks