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Plenary Events

Modified: Tue, 07 Dec 2021 14:43:05 +0000
Published: 7 Dec 2021

We hope you come to FSCI for the fantastic courses, but attendees always rave about the community from across the discuiplines, all actively engaged in knowledge transfer, wisdom exhange, and communaly-shaped solutions.  You must go beyond the FSCI course to get the true benefits of the institute.  Details of these events are coming together right now, and more details will be posted in this space very soon.

Opening Session

FSCI begins with opening events for the entire institute, laying out a central thread of ideas and topics to help form discussion in the “virtual hallway.”

Midpoint Plenaries

Midway through the courses, FSCI brings the entire community out of their classrooms to engage in a dynamic 24-hour sprint focused around a topic. 

Closing Session

Finally, the closing session is a space for reflection on what we’ve learned from this year’s FSCI, with a focus on the future – what’s next for you in Scholarly Communication, and what’s next for FSCI.

These plenary events are designed by FSCI organizers and are tied to curricular aims for this year’s institute.

Don’t forget to also dive into the FSCI Community events – which are designed, moderated, and given life by the wider FSCI community.