The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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The rising of community-driven, metadata-focussed efforts: too many, too little or on track?

Name: Beyond the PDF2

Hundreds of terminologies, reporting guidelines, representations models, and exchange formats to help annotate, report, and share bioscience investigations; thousands of biological databases ( How can funders and publishers navigate the wealth of information to establish data sharing policies and best practices for researchers and reviewers/authors? How can biologists, bioinformaticians and software engineers decide what are the most appropriate standards for them to use, according to their specific domains? We have been working on and endeavor to provide each of the stakeholders catalogues and tools, which could help them with the tasks of identifying relevant standards and producing metadata according to them, and we are willing to discuss about turning the challenges into opportunities for continuing with these efforts.

Philippe Rocca-Serra


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