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Using nanopublications to model laboratory protocols

Name: 2013 Beyond the PDF2

Author: Olga Giraldo

My current research entails the study of laboratory protocols. Laboratory protocols should facilitate replicability and reproducibility of an experiment ; more importantly, experimental protocols should bridge the gap between raw data repositories, workflows and scientific publications. I am considering the experimental protocols as nanopublications on their own. Modeling a laboratory protocol as a nanopublication is an alternative to achieve formalization. The protocols can share, as a whole or just steps, they can be built or modified from existing protocols. protocols can be modeled as an aggregation of nanopublications. Exposing the laboratory protocols as nanopublications facilitates answering common researchers’ questions, more importantly, they would support the raw data publishing in life sciences.Central to my understanding of experimental protocols are self-describing documents, where the whole is the result of a structured aggregation.  Having experimental protocols as self describing documents also delivers fully immersed documents within the web of data.



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