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NFAIS Webinar – Unique Identifiers ORCID, ISNI

Date: 23rd July 2014

Improving Discoverability with Unique Identifiers: ORCID, ISNI and Implementation:

Speakers:  Laure Haak, ORCID; Laura Dawson, ISNI, Alison Hagar, The IET

Persistent identifiers for researchers and scholars are essential for supporting the connection between researchers and their contributions, improving discoverability, and ensuring interoperability between research systems.  

In order to improve discoverability, ORCID and ISNI formed a strategic partnership for creating a shared unique identifier to represent an individual in both the ORCID and ISNI databases, and are jointly developing tools to allow the two systems to interoperate, including linkage of identifiers between systems and exchange of metadata.  In this 90-minute webinar, attendees will learn about:

—the ORCID and ISNI initiative.

—the strategic partner MOU (how ORCID and ISNI are working collaboratively).

—OAuth, software that provides client applications a 'secure delegated access' to server resources on behalf of a resource owner.

—the status of the internal working paper on which ISNI and ORCID teamed up, which outlines how a shared identifier system would work, addressing both technical and business issues.

—implementation challenges and successes: context, challenges and costs involved in the implementation.

—how implementation helped the content provider.

Join us on Wednesday, July 23 to learn more about this joint venture, its challenges and its successes. Attendees will hear firsthand Laure Haak (ORCID) and Laura Dawson (ISNI) share the status of their cooperative efforts. Alison Hagar from The IET joins the discussion to talk about The IET's experience in implementing the ORCID and ISNI identifiers in a product/service.


Got a conflict with the date or time? Don't worry! The NFAIS Webinars are recorded and archived so that you can view a session at a more convenient time.

Event host: NFAIS


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