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Publishing and the Open Web Platform – A W3C Workshop on Publishing using the Open Web Platform

Date: 7th May 2013

For centuries, book publishers have used technologies in unforseen ways to change the world. Whole industries have risen and fallen based on their ability to adapt to change. Today the Open Web Platform is changing the way people make things, read things, say things, and do business. Computer software is becoming commoditized, delivered over the Web, running in a Web browser. Just as hand compositing and the hand-press gave way to hot metal and automated presses, so today the stand-alone word processor and page makeup programs are giving way to Web technologies.

The goal of this W3C Workshop is to bring together major players, including publishers, standardization organizations, technology developers, booksellers, accessibility organizations and others as needed to identify areas where work is needed to make the Open Web Platform suitable for commercial publishing, especially in print, all the way from authoring through to delivering the printed product and beyond.

This is one of a series of W3C Workshops in the areas of publishing, and the first to focus on the complete publishing workflow and on issues particular to producing printed products.


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