The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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The Changing Role and Impact of Science Journals

Date: 15th November 2013

Location: University of Washington, Seattle

Join us for an important and groundbreaking conference on the current state of academic journal publishing, covering:

  1. The impact of rising journal subscription costs on libraries and research
  2. Journals and intellectual property rights: Can (or should) federally-funded research be locked away? Is it possible to improve access while still protecting copyright, intellectual property and discovery?
  3. Open source and open access growth and models
  4. The impact of journal readability: Comprehension, collaboration, and education
  5. Other growing means of sharing science information: Blogs, books, research collaboration networks, citizen science networks, and more
  6. The limits of rapid change: Copyright, IP, time and resources, lack of best practice models, fear of reduced quality
  7. Journals and the process of making science policy
  8. Journals and tenure: Current tenure practices, possible impacts, changes being developed, tenure scoring alternatives
  9. Open discussion: The future of journal publishing

SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Tim Jewell, University of Washington Director of Information Resources and Scholarly Communication; UW professor and co-founder Jevin West; Canada’s “Germ Guy” Jason Tetro; Sage Bionetworks President and 2013 White House “Champion of Change” Stephen Friend; and more!

Event host: National Science Communication Institute (nSCI)


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