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UKSG Introduction to Journals and E-Resources Today

Date: 9th October 2012

Location: London, UK

This one-day seminar aims to present a practical introductory overview of all aspectsUKSG training awarded the CILIP Seal of Recognition of journals and e-resources management.

The emphasis is on developing a sound basic understanding of the details of journals and e-resources handling in order to promote efficient and informed working practices.  A wide range of day-to-day issues will be covered, with time devoted to recognising and resolving the problems that can arise at the boundaries between publishers, intermediaries and libraries, and addressing business models such as open access.  In addition, the seminar will provide an overview of the technical aspects of managing e-resources.

Delegates will be able to air and exchange views in the afternoon discussion session.

What is UKSG?

UKSG is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Our vision is to use our breadth of knowledge and influence to facilitate an efficient information chain, a better information experience for scholars, and a world where all members of the scholarly and professional information supply chain understand each other.

Our mission is to connect the information community and encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication. We are the only organisation spanning the wide range of interests and activities across the scholarly information community of librarianspublishersintermediaries and technology vendors.


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