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Community Events

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Published: 23 Apr 2023

We hope you come to FSCI for the fantastic courses, but attendees always rave about the FSCI community!  Our global gathering exemplifies sharing knowledge across boundaries of space and discipline to exchange wisdom, identify emerging wicked problems, and plan communally-shaped solutions. Come join us at any of the activities and events below!

  • All events below are tentative – subject to change!

Lightning Talks [Happening asynchronously]

Here’s an opportunity to share in a few minutes time a big idea, a challenging question, a call to action.  Lightning talks will be collected as brief video recordings, and shared asynchronously with the FSCI community on day 1 of FSCI.  We hope they trigger discussions and foster connections with like-minded colleagues.

Fireside cats: What brought you to FSCI? [Time: Mon 7/31 10:00 PDT/UTC-7]

Join us with a warm drink and tell us what brought you to FSCI (or why you continue to come). This session will take place on the FSCI virtual meeting platform. Take this opportunity to explore the FSCI2022 virtual platform, meet colleagues, and make new friends who are excited about scholarly communication. 

Fireside cats: Lightning talk meet-up  [Time: Tue 8/1 11:30 PDT/UTC-7]

Are you excited about the lightning talks from other FSCI participants? Join others who share the same passion and interests in scholarly communication and meet old/new friends. Don’t see the topics you are interested in? You can always start your own topics and meet other like-minded people in the virtual FSCI breakroom! 

Fireside cats:  Trivia & FSCI Happy Hour [Time: Wednesday 8/2 12:00 PDT/UTC-7]

Are you a trivia enthusiast? Join us to test your knowledge and learn fun facts about scholarly communication. Don’t want to join the trivia? You can also join fellow FSCI participants to share a recent book, recipes, TV shows, and/or movies that you enjoyed! We will collect recommendations from everyone and share the joy with others! Can’t make it to the event live? You can also contribute via the shared document! 

Battledecks: Slideshow Karaoke [Time: Thursday 8/3 12:00 PDT/UTC-7]

You will not want to miss this event!! Everyone is invited to take part in Battledecks (a.k.a. PowerPoint karaoke). How are your improv skills? Ready to perform in front of a “live” audience? Each contestant will be given 2.5 minutes to present ten slides on a surprise topic, with the goal of telling a coherent scholarly communication story while (a) entertaining the audience and (b) keeping a straight face. Make yourself a nice snack and a drink, sharpen your wits, and get ready to have some fun.

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Fireside Chat with FSCI

Author: Iryna Kuchma Join Fireside Chat with FSCI in The Reimagining Educational Practices for Open (REPO) Community Event Series    Serah Rono, Director of Community Development and Engagement at The Carpentries, will chat with Martin J. Brennan, Scholarly Communication Education Librarian at UCLA, about his role in the FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute (FSCI), and the impact

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You should attend FSCI, here is why.,,,

You should attend FSCI, here is why. FSCI is a unique experience that will place you in the middle of an ongoing conversation about open access and scholarly communication. Researchers, librarians, and other specialists get together to teach, learn, and strategize, impulsing change. But FSCI is much more than that.  I first heard of Force

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FSCI Attendance Inspires Scholarly Publishing Literacy Additions to MPH Course

The FORCE 11 Scholarly Communication Institute proved to be a valuable combination of inspiration and encouragement to pursue open access goals along with practical strategies for implementing them. I was able to benefit from this institute thanks to a scholarship from FORCE11 and the UCLA Library, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

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