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FSCI 2023

Enhancing the Global Impact of Open Scholarship

FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute in partnership with UCLA Library

Community Events

Modified: Tue, 20 Jun 2023 20:02:06 +0000
Published: 20 Jun 2023

We hope you come to FSCI for the fantastic courses, but attendees always rave about the FSCI community!  Our global gathering exemplifies sharing knowledge across boundaries of space and discipline to exchange wisdom, identify emerging wicked problems, and plan communally-shaped solutions. Come join us at any of the activities and events below.

Lightning Talks [Happening asynchronously]

Here’s an opportunity to share in a few minutes time a big idea, a challenging question, a call to action.  Lightning talks will be collected as brief video recordings, and shared asynchronously with the FSCI community on day 1 of FSCI.  We hope they trigger discussions and foster connections with like-minded colleagues.

Fireside cats: What brought you to FSCI? [Time: Mon 7/31 10:00 PDT/UTC-7]

Join us with a drink of your choice or a snack and tell us what brought you to FSCI (or why you continue to come). Take this opportunity to meet colleagues and make new friends who are excited about scholarly communication.

Fireside cats: Lightning talk meet-up  [Time: Tue 8/1 11:30 PDT/UTC-7]

Join us for Lightning Talks (both pre-recorded and live) and to discuss those talks with the presenters. Pre-recorded talks will be made available to FSCI attendees via Slack. Want to share your thoughts on a topic (e.g., AI, Year of Open Science)? Watch out for an email announcement on how to sign up!

Fireside cats:  Trivia & FSCI Happy Hour [Time: Wednesday 8/2 12:00 PDT/UTC-7]

Are you a trivia enthusiast? Join us to test your knowledge and learn fun facts about scholarly communication.

Battledecks: Slideshow Karaoke [Time: Thursday 8/3 12:00 PDT/UTC-7]

Join us in Battledecks to improvise your way through a set of random slides. Each contestant will be given 2.5 minutes to present ten slides on a surprise topic, with the goal of telling a coherent story while entertaining the audience AND keeping a straight face. Is improv not your thing? Write your own two-minute presentation and see how well it matches up with the slides shown. This annual event is sure to provide some laughs and to show a different side of FSCI.