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$1.5k Challenge Submission – FORCE2016


FORCE2016 JISC Award Winners: 

  • Winner 1 – Radian Data Education and Advocacy Portal​ (Sara Mannheimer, Montana State University) – $1500 prize money – up to $2K travel stipend for attendance at FORCE2017
  • Winner 2 Metric Toolkit (Stacy Konkiel, Altmetric; 'Robin Champieux, Oregon Health Sciences University;  Heather Coates, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis​) ​)- $1500 prize money – up to $2K travel stipend for attendance at FORCE2017​.

All FORCE2016 Submissions Here: 


Think…. how could you make a real difference to research communications? Are you looking for like-minded people, and would a seed fund of $1,500 help kick-start your project? As part of its commitment to collaboration, transparency and innovation, the FORCE2016 conference is updating its $1K Challenge session (more funding – $1,500) and encourages all delegates (both actual and virtual) to participate.
This is how….You can start gathering your thoughts and teams any time between now and April 18 using the Jisc Elevator Pitch software

Need help?….We now have a tutorial video available on YouTube to demonstrate how to enter your ideas ( using YouTube and the Jisc Elevator Software.

When will this happen?….Voting will take place in real time by meeting delegates at FORCE2016 during the PITCH IT: INNOVATION CHALLENGE Session on April 19 at 1:15pm (​), with winners announced before the end of the FORCE2016 Conference.

What could you win?….Thanks to our generous sponsor Jisc, winning ideas will receive $1,500 and will be invited to present at FORCE2017 and will receive funding (up to $2,000) to support their travel for that attendance. As additional support, winning entries will also have the option of a monthly telecon hosted by a member of the FORCE11 Pitch-It Innovation Challenge Expert Panel.

And, Ethical Guideline….We request that all entrants keep in mind the ethos of FORCE11, and that they endeavour to uphold it so that we can keep the rules and restrictions to a minimum. Rules: An individual can only be associated with a single entry per year. Any evidence of vote-rigging will result in the disqualification of affected entries.


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