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A survey of the neuroscience resource landscape: perspectives from the neuroscience information framework.

Authors: Cachat, Jonathan
Bandrowski, Anita
Grethe, Jeffery S
Gupta, Amarnath
Astakhov, Vadim
Imam, Fahim
Larson, Stephen D
Martone, Maryann E

The number of available neuroscience resources (databases, tools, materials, and networks) available via the Web continues to expand, particularly in light of newly implemented data sharing policies required by funding agencies and journals. However, the nature of dense, multifaceted neuroscience data and the design of classic search engine systems make efficient, reliable, and relevant discovery of such resources a significant challenge. This challenge is especially pertinent for online databases, whose dynamic content is largely opaque to contemporary search engines. The Neuroscience Information Framework was initiated to address this problem of finding and utilizing neuroscience-relevant resources. Since its first production release in 2008, NIF has been surveying the resource landscape for the neurosciences, identifying relevant resources and working to make them easily discoverable by the neuroscience community. In this chapter, we provide a survey of the resource landscape for neuroscience: what types of resources are available, how many there are, what they contain, and most importantly, ways in which these resources can be utilized by the research community to advance neuroscience research.

Journal: Int Rev Neurobiol 2012 vol 103 pagination 39-68

PMID: 23195120


ISSN: 0074-7742


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