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Announcing the 2021 Open Publishing Awards

As we witness a rise in the creation of content, software, systems, and infrastructure that help share knowledge and stories globally without barriers, the Open Publishing Awards seek to recognize the contributions of individuals and organizations that advance open in publishing.

In 2019 we launched the Open Publishing Awards (OPA). In that year we expected about 10 entries and were delighted with about well over 200 high quality nominations. In the spirit of celebrating open, the judges decided not to declare ‘winners’ but to identify and announce several outstanding projects in each category. These 11 outstanding projects were celebrated at an event at Force19 (Edinburgh) with Open Publishing Awards.Open Publishing Awards

After a one year rest the 2021 Nominations are now open – open to anyone anywhere. Nominate yourself, your favorite project, friends working in this area, or projects or people you admire! And nominate as many times as you like!

This year we would like to further promote projects with several new features including an invitation to short listed nominations to present at a special OPA track in the 2021 Open Publishing Fest. If we can muster the resources we may also make some short videos to promote some projects. If you would like to help promote projects please also contact us – anything you can do to help promote the wonderful array of fascinating open publishing projects is very much welcomed! Help us help them!

The OPA were founded to celebrate and promote the diversity of amazing open publishing projects in publishing. The closing date for nominations is yet to be announced, and ‘judges’ will also be announced shortly.

Nominate early, nominate often, nominate here!


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