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Call for applications to the FORCE11 Communications and Marketing team

If you’ve got experience in marketing and communications – even a little – and are interested in joining a fun and dedicated group helping FORCE11, get in touch!

The Communications and Marketing Committee helps bring FORCE11 to the fore of conversations around open scholarship and the future of research communication, and works in deep collaboration with community members across sectors, initiatives, and the globe. Our job is to get attention for FORCE11 activities, including the busy work of the working groups, through social media, email, the website, and via the FORCE11 global network. We had a great time last year, helping raise the profile for the scholarly communications institute in San Diego (even though we didn’t get to go…) and for FORCE2018 in Montreal (where we had a total blast).

We need your help. We’re recruiting for the following positions now:

  • Brand manager – design and deliver visuals in line with the FORCE11 brand and identity of individual initiatives, such as the FORCE annual conference
  • Email marketer – compose and send compelling, benefits-oriented copy for distribution to the membership and beyond using our HTML broadcasting platform (Mailchimp)  
  • Press advisor – prepare announcements of FORCE11 initiatives and build a press list for distribution
  • CRM operator – help keep our contact lists up-to-date and in order, compliant with GDPR and available to receive loads of new interest
  • Web editor – help keep the FORCE11 website (in Drupal) fresh and current

If you have some experience with these, or with marketing or communications in general, please apply. Email by January 30, 2019. If you know someone who may have the right experience, please share this with them straight away.

Applications will be reviewed by the Communications and Marketing Committee, whose aim is to recruit for the skills described above and to be a strong example of FORCE11’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. All members serve on a volunteer basis, but get great experience and contacts in return. We take on new members once a year around this time, and spend the rest of the year being great together.

To learn more about our group, visit

Thanks! We'll look forward to hearing.


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