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Community call: Open-source technology development for publishing (hosted by eLife)

Author: Jennifer McLennan

Publishers are – wisely – taking advantage of the increasingly rapid introduction of new tools to enhance the efficiency of research communication and the potential for continued discovery. Technologies like Hypothesis, ReFigure, Lens and Jupyter notebooks are being installed and implemented by a widening circle of organisations who value fresh approaches to helping authors and readers make the most of new research.

The rigorous pace of development is fueled by teams in disparate corners of the world. San Francisco, Athens, Montreal and Linz are just some of the hubs where new ideas on submission systems, authoring tools, content organisation and more are being tested.

In this community call, on February 22, 2018, we invite the developers and the users of technology for publishing from all corners to join in and share projects that are underway, learn more about what others are up to, and consider where collaboration can contribute to the path forward. The agenda is open to anyone who would like to present, in five minutes or less, an open-source project that:

  • Has relevance to research communication
  • Has recently been released or significantly updated
  • Is in development and is of wide relevance to publishing

Or, participants may present a key question they’d like the group to feed back on. Ask not what you can do for the others on the call, but what the others can do for you.

Contributors may put themselves forward on the agenda. The agenda will close for new submissions on February 20, 2018, at 11:59PM GMT.


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Publication Date: 13th February 2018


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