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Community Open Principles: Before, During and After the Global Pandemic

Author: Dr. Ana Persic, UNESCO
Author: Dr. Arianna Becerril García, AmeliCA
Author: Dr. Johanna Havemann, Open Science MOOC
Author: Osman Aldirdiri, AfricArXiv

When we talk about Open (Open Science, Open Data, Open Access) what do we mean? How can we navigate the different definitions of what it means to be a community and to be Open? How do we engage with communities and train members around Open? What evidence are we using of how we are addressing Open? How can we be more inclusive and align our Open principles to foster norms, incentives, and recognition? Have our understandings around Open shifted during the pandemic?

This online webinar will address these questions via the experiences of invited open science communities, how they have designed and applied their open (science) principles before and during the pandemic, particularly with regard to outreach and training, while also looking out at the horizon, at a future beyond the pandemic. The webinar aims to include open (science) perspectives from a diverse group of communities, learn from their approaches, how they have evolved, and identify possible next steps that all, in our global community can consider.

Please join us on Jun 30, 2021, at 01:00 PM in Universal Time UTC:

Publication Date: 8th June 2021


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