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Infrastructure is a word used a lot in the scholarly community, and for good reason. But what it actually means, how it works and how it affects research communications isn’t always clear, even to those of us that work with it every day. In fact, there really is no it  to infrastructure–no single organization, technology or approach keeps things running. And sometimes it’s difficult to know what those things are. What is infrastructure and what’s just…technology? What does it enable?

Over the course of 2020, we explored these topics, including preservation, search, and the distribution of information on this blog, with an edited series of postings and interviews designed to shed light on what infrastructure is and what it means for these functions and systems to be dependent on each other, and us. It’s not a series for technology experts, it’s a series for everyone with a stake in how scholarly information is collected, distributed and used. 

Infrastructure Series: List of Blog Posts

In a concluding post, Jennifer Kemp looks back at the Infrastucture Series with collected resources recommended by participants and ahead to continuing the conversation.


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Our series was administered through a FORCE11 working group and led by series editor, Jennifer Kemp.  We look forward to sharing insights and getting your feedback on the series and topics it covers. If you have a particular topic or question you’d like to see covered here, let us know.



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