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IBM Announcing the IMPROVER Network Verification Challenge

IBM has just launched the third sbv IMPROVER challenge (, theBiological Network Verification Challenge (NVC). The aim of this challenge is to develop and refine pathways using reputation-based crowd-sourcing methods. 

The challenge will initially entail a phase of web-based submissions to establish, confirm or refute edges in biological networks using reputation-based points, a proven social networking approach.  Later, the top contributors will be eligible to receive travel support to attend a workshop (jamboree) in Switzerland (March 18-20, 2014).  The purpose of this jamboree is to review the outcomes, especially in controversial cases, to quickly get a consensus of the experts in the field.  A series of videos has been developed to help potential participants to better understand the science underlying this challenge and how to use the website.  There are also webinars and training session details, available at


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