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Job Opportunity — Public Knowledge Project XML Parsing/Rendering Service

Hi folks,

We're hiring for a half-to-full-time position with the Public Knowledge Project, working on our XML parsing/rendering service.

Project summary:


Demo instance:


Qualifications include:


– experience with PHP (ideally Zend) and *nix scripting.

– an interest in text parsing technologies, e.g. XPath, machine learning, named entity recognition, or some combination thereof.



Additional consideration given for:


– knowledge of, or experience with, PKP software (e.g. Open Journal Systems) or a similar open source project is valuable but not necessary.

– enthusiasm for open source projects and understanding of the benefits of openness in general (open access, open standards, open data, open access to information, etc.)

– knowledge of Java and/or Python.

– experience with academic article production, the National Library of Medicine JATS specification, and/or the ins and outs of PDFs.



Interested applicants should send the following:


– a cover letter containing a summary of their experience, and at least two references;

– a copy of their resume; and

– code samples, ideally open-source (e.g. via a Github repository).


to Brian Owen, Associate University Librarian ( Postings will remain open until filled. If you have any questions, please contact me, Alex Garnett, at Thanks!


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