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Micropublications: a Semantic Model for Claims, Evidence, Arguments and Annotations in Biomedical Communications

Authors:Clark, Tim
Ciccarese, Paolo
Carole Goble

The Micropublications semantic model for scientific claims, evidence, argumentation and annotation in biomedical publications, is presented here. This model is intended to complement the more narrowly focused “nanopublication” model. It is designed to support several key requirements for exchange and value-addition of semantic metadata across the biomedical publications ecosystem. Its theoretical basis comes from argumentation theory, with some fundamental concepts adapted from third-generation activity theory. Its practical basis is a set of experiences working through use cases and unmet needs with users of our Domeo web annotation toolkit and the SWAN biomedical discourse ontology.

Use cases supported by this model include directly citable assertions (claims); direct citation of content in scientific data repositories, methods repositories and materials repositories in support of citable claims; citation of images as evidence; digital abstracting with semantic structure; citable annotation and discussion; claim network construction; and bipolar argumentation.

Journal: Journal of Biomedical Semantics submitted


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