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RDA – Preservation e-Infrastructure and the Data in Context Interest Group

Deadline:  August 28, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

The Preservation e-Infrastructure and the Data in Context Interest Groups of the Research Data Alliance are working on a project to document metadata standards related to provenance and context for the preservation of research data.  For example, in the Earth sciences NASA has developed the “Data Preservation Content Specification” available at

The goal of this project is to determine who is working in this area, identify areas of overlap, and work on creating a set of best practices. Please email us and let us know whether or not you are aware of any such specifications, if anyone is working on a similar specifications, or if you think this is something your community needs.

Please reply within 2 weeks, by August 28th.  We will be reporting back to the community at the RDA P6 in Paris with the preliminary results of this inquiry.  We will also be following up with in person discussions related to this topic.


If you are not aware of any such specifications or similar work in this area,  please let us know as well.  We ask that you pass this communication on to your community first to see if anyone else is aware of this topic and report back to us.  

If you are aware of work in this area, in your reply, please include any information you might have on the following:

  1.    your domain, or the domain of the work,
  2.    any documentation you might be able to point us to related to this effort,
  3.    the contact information for those working on this topic, and
  4.    if possible the expected scope of this work.

Additionally, if you are aware of other groups working in this area whom we should contact, please let us know

Please send replies to and .

Sarah Ramdeen
RDA US Early Career Fellow

Ruth Duerr
Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship


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