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Research Ethics, An Open Access Resource?

Research Ethics is a *vast* topic, critical to the advancement of science and the progress of humanity at large, yet there is no openly accessible structured body of knowledge, at a time where accessibility (as in open access) and timeliness are critical issues.
Too hot to handle perhaps?
I recently started writing up a case study of editorial misconduct in relation to a journal which subscribes to COPE, a new (possibly pionieering) initiative promoting Research Ethics via a Code of Conduct.
Looked for a Journal where to publish the case study, and could find only one, Research Ethics Sage, which is subscription only.
Looks like something needs doing.
Could Force 11  be a good incubator for such a project??
Anyone up for seeding something?
It would be of course peer reviewed, open access, use open source platform, and could adopt an innovative economic model, such as for example charging nominal publication fees (100 dollars or thereabouts), possibly taking into account the researcher level of income, and fees could be waived in exchange for editorial production or journal admin tasks (30 hours of work?)  Or something similar.
Or something different?
Or just start with a collective blog on the topic of research ethics?
Either way, let's set up an agenda for Research Ethics as a matter of urgency.
Ping me to discuss if interested


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