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The Vienna Principles: A Vision for Scholarly Communication in the 21st Century

Open Science has the potential to significantly improve the production and dissemination of scholarly knowledge. But there is no commonly shared vision that describes the system of scholarly communication that we want to create.

Between April 2015 and June 2016, members of the Open Access Network Austria (OANA) working group "Open Access and Scholarly Communication"

met in Vienna to discuss this matter. The main outcome of our considerations is a set of twelve principles that represent the cornerstones of an open scholarly communication system. We published them today under the title "The Vienna Principles: A Vision for Scholarly Communication in the 21st Century":

With this document, we are hoping to inspire a widespread discussion towards a shared vision for scholarly communication. We welcome feedback, criticism, and hints on what we may have missed. You can annotate and comment on the document on our website:

The raw text can be found on Github:


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