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Fortunately you didn’t need to pack for this week’s virtual conference: FORCE2021: Joining Forces to Advance the Future of Research Communications. However, you actually do still need to unpack. Here’s a quick overview of the tools you will use to engage during the conference.

First things first, have you REGISTERED? Your Eventbrite registration is the starting point for all other conference tools. Free registration is available. Eventbrite will also give you the option of making a donation to the nonprofit FORCE11.

Tip: Register using the email address you plan to use for all conference tools. This is especially relevant for people with a speaking role.

Next, look for an email from Zoom Events.  A Zoom Event brings together webinars and other features to provide the flexibility for a full conference. Even if you regularly join meetings on Zoom, you’ll still want to take a minute to make sure you’re all set for the conference. Zoom may automatically update to the latest version the first time you join. If you’re getting set up in advance, click Join the Lobby. When you enter Zoom during the event, you will have the option to either join the lobby or to join a session in progress. Events will also livestream to the lobby during the conference. 

Remember conference name badges? Your profiles in these conference software tools serve the same role. One easy way to check your Zoom profile is to post a greeting in the lobby chat, then click on the colored square next to your message. Fill in the information you’d like to share with other conference participants. (We probably don’t need to know your manager!) If you add a profile picture, it will display next to your comments in chat and in your square on screen when you have video off.

Tip: If you’d like to check your microphone and camera function in Zoom, open a Zoom application on your computer, start a meeting, and click on Test Audio/Video.

Next, you’ll want to set up Sched. Look for an email with the subject “Build your schedule for FORCE2021.” Login to create your schedule. Use the Timezone menu on the right to make the events display in your local time. Browse the schedule and add the sessions that interest you. Sched also has a profile option. Click on the profile at the upper left and make sure to include the information you’d like to share with other participants. This Sched profile is especially important for people with speaking roles listed on the program.

You will also receive an invitation to join the FORCE11 Slack Workspace. The #force11-conference channel in Slack is a great place to ask questions and continue the conversation, even after the conference. Slack lets you have a different profile for every workspace you join, so check that your profile (upper right) is set up to your liking. If you are new to Slack, it can be kind of overwhelming. This guide offers an introduction for new users. 

Familiarize yourself with the Code of Conduct. FORCE11 values the participation of every member of the community and wants all participants in our activities to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The Code of Conduct Committee can be reached here:

For general conference information, contact us on Slack or here: . We hope you will have many great moments at the conference and will share them on social media with the hashtag #FORCE2021

Unpacking for FORCE2021 by Jennifer Miller for FORCE2021 Organizing Committee is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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