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Events in digital and open format for research data management (RDM) are in high demand during the Covid-19 pandemic (Hildesheim University Library).

Author: Annette Strauch

The four digital events, the Coffee Lectures for research data management in German and in English, were in high demand this summer term as well. The events always lasted a good hour with the important contributions to the discussion. They have been carried out since April. We mostly had around 70 participants who were interested in questions about research data management along the ‚Data Life Cycle‘.

Further events, including in-depth workshops with regards to RDM, are currently in preparation and will be held this summer before the popular coffee lectures will continue in the winter semester (from October 2020 onwards!).

For example, there were questions about these topics:

What do you recommend for publication if nothing is there yet? A technical repository or your own at the institution?

Are there best-practice examples for interdisciplinary research and data publication (computer science, educational sciences, history, communication sciences)

Linked Open Data! > ORCID, literature, data, contextual material

Publication Date: 28th June 2020


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