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Open Data Metrics: Lighting the Fire

Book Announcement

I wanted let you know about a new book we just released about the state of open data metrics. 

My co-authors and I collaborate on various projects and initiatives that focus on how to measure the reach and impact of research data.  While busy in these projects, we tend to focus on building out the technical infrastructure and/or community engagement to support assessment. But found that we hadn’t clearly articulated where we’re at in terms of high-level challenges surrounding “Data Metrics”.  And that we still needed to write down where we need to go. 

To clarify our opinions and approaches, we wrote a book: Open Data Metrics: Lighting the Fire (it's free and CC-BY).  We hope it will jump start a community conversation.  We would love to hear your feedback and look forward to engaging with you on the topic.



Open Data Metrics: Lighting the Fire  
by Daniella Lowenberg, John Chodacki, Martin Fenner, Jennifer Kemp, Matt Jones

Research data is at the center of science, and to date it has been difficult to understand its impact. To assess the reach of open data, and to advance data-driven discovery, the research and research supporting communities need open, trusted data metrics. In Open Data Metrics: Lighting the Fire, the authors propose a path forward for the development of data metrics. They acknowledge historic players and milestones in the process and demonstrate the need for standardized, transparent, community-led approaches to establish open data metrics as the new normal.


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