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Sept.12 – Final comments on CASRAI Peer Review Working Group

Laura Paglione (Technical Director, ORCID) and I (Rebecca Lawrence) have been co-chairing the CASRAI Peer Review Services Working Group to look at the best way to recognise referee reports as a formal output in for example an ORCID profile. This project has looked at the peer review of a wide range of outputs from articles (open, closed, pre- and post-publication peer review), to grants, conference abstracts, and the review ofuniversities/faculties/departments.

We have now reviewed options for linking peer review service activities with a person identifier such as ORCID, and developed recommendations for data fields, descriptors, persistence, resolution and citation. We now need your feedback!  We are inviting interested subject experts from all these areas to review and comment on the draft outputs of this working group; the deadline for comments is Friday, September 12th 2014. In order to participate, please follow the instructions below.

1) Access the “Document Details” page here, which will provide information about the document as well as a link to download the file.
2) On the “Document Details” page click the link in the “Name” row to download the document.
3) Once you have reviewed the document, return to the “Document Details” page. Click on “add a comment” on the upper left hand side of the “Document Details” table to open the comment form
4) Please complete one comment form for each term about which you wish to provide feedback. Commenting follows the steps below:
a) In the “Subject” line, reference the term number to which you are referring in your comment. (Example: D04)
b) Complete the comment box with your first comment.
c) Please ignore the items “Section” and “Item” as you have already addressed these by providing the term number in the Subject line
d) If you would like to expand upon your comment by providing a proposed solution, please do so in the “Proposed Solution” field. This field is optional.
e) For security reasons, please slide the lock button at the bottom of the form to the right.
f) If you have no other comments to add click “Save” at the bottom of the form. Please note that we strongly prefer for each comment to address only one term at a time.
g) If you are commenting on multiple terms click “Save and add another” at the bottom of the form. Please note that you will not be required to re-enter your contact information for each added comment.

We really hope you will take this opportunity to provide your feedback on these recommendations so that we can ensure that the final output successfully achieves the goals of this project: proper recognition of the huge amount of unpaid and often invisible effort researchers put in throughout their careers to the essential task of reviewing the work of others.


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